Screen locked by Pattern method


    My LG-M210 phone has a new pattern locked screen that I can't get past.  It is turned on and has the Wifi hub blasting away.  I am searching for a way to get the phone operating again without destroying all my data.  Just installed Adroid 7.0 which started this problem.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Screen locked by Pattern method

        Hey there! I just did some researching on the web and it does not look good You may be prompted for your Google password if you enter the pattern to many time incorrectly but if that does not happen, a master reset using the hard ware keys is going to be the only way.

        • syaoran

          Re: Screen locked by Pattern method

          Usially you have to set a pattern to be asked for one.  If you set a pattern and forgot it, then use your fingerprint or password to clear it in the Settings.


          If you didn't set a pattern and the pattern looks like a Facebook screen with ads.  Then this annoyance will more than likely leave you stuck factory resetting your device.  I had a tablet come in this morning with App Locker on it that was installed by a shady Facebook game.  It locked out the settings and most other apps to the point where a factory reset through recovery was the simplest solution.

          • magenta9108860

            Re: Screen locked by Pattern method

            my phone samsung 8 plus  is lack by pattern i don't remember how i did it can someone help me please i don't want reset