Incorrect information by a Tmob rep costed us




    My wife and I recently moved from At&t to T Mobile and we really loved it here. I asked my friend and his wife also to move from At&t to mobile after liking it here. While they were with AT&T they were availing BOGO on their devices and there was $120 left that they owed on those two devices.


    My friend was paying for only one device while he was with At&t, when I asked a rep before we got their numbers ported in, he said that there is no trade in required and my friend and his wife get to keep their devices while tmob will take care of $120 that is owed on those two devices.


    With all this, we thought we were getting best deal here and we ported in and when I tried to apply for the reimbursement, I'm hearing a completely different story, that we need to trade in the devices and buy two new from t-mob. Even after speaking to many reps from Tmob, there is no better answer we are getting other than asking us to trade in the devices.


    We feel like we have been cheated here by the rep who had little knowledge of the offers and we are paying for his mistake.


    Little we had known about this trade in, we would have waited for another 2 months, complete the finance with At&T and then switched to tmob. Just because of one reps mistake we ended up paying for two devices.


    I spoke to the rep on 10/10 7.45 PM ET when I was told that there is no trade in needed.


    Please let us know if we expect any justice here.


    Thanks & Regards

    Frustrated Tmob User

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hey, akellapavank!


        Welcome to our Support Community. Getting accurate info is a must especially when finances are involved. It sounds like you and your friends were both taking advantage of Carrier Freedom™. If you're seeking a reimbursement on an early termination fee or remaining device payments, in the majority of cases, a trade-in is required. I'm truly sorry that you weren't provided the correct information. I know you shouldn't have to go out of your way to do this but have you though of mentioning selling those two devices to at least cover the remaining device payments owed to AT&T? I would also recommend chatting with our T-Force team over Facebook or Twitter to review the notes from 10/10 to see what exactly was noted on your account.