Galaxy S9 not eligible for GetOutoftheRed?


    I already went through the process of switching to T-Mobile, but I did so under the impression that the S9 was eligible for the switcher payment.  The store worker, while helpful, was also unaware and went through with the switch. I talked to a service rep via chat, and they said there's nothing they can do.  My question is: why is the S9, a new phone, excluded from this deal, and the Apple equivalent, the iPhone X, is included in the deal? And what's the difference between whether it's a S8 or an S9?  Either way, my remaining payment is under $650 and this would force me to trade in a perfectly good, newer phone (and get absolutely shafted on the price) than the phones listed.  What the hell is the difference whether you guys pay off an S8 or an S9?  I'm strongly considering backing out of this new plan, mostly on the principle that this lacks common sense.  Would you at least just credit the cost to my bill, and then I'll front the cost of the phone to Verizon? I mean, work with me here. No, I don't really want the Carrier Freedom deal, where I'd have to front a huge chunk of cash, get crap on the trade-in value, and be forced to buy a brand new S9 from you guys at top dollar.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        i hear ya and we appreciate the feedback. We're testing phones like the S9 and other new phones to make sure they pass our specifications before they're included on the offer. I understand that doesn't change your situation, but the I did wanna give you the reason why. When that does change, we'll communicate any new phones that'll be included in this promo through the content we make for this offer.