Service Suspended Due to Conflicting Information from Customer Service


    I've been with T-Mobile for 10 years and I am actually considering leaving after all of this is resolved. I made a payment arrangement since the past few months have been tough. Now, I've always stay in touch with customer service and made arrangements when necessary. I missed my payment arrangement and called customer service  to get the suspension date. I was told the date was Nov. 2nd. The rep reassured me paying on that day would be fine so I called and paid my first installment on the 2nd. The rep acted as if everything was OK and even told me to ignore any incoming texts because my first payment was settled. Unfortunately, I woke up this morning to a suspension that cannot be reversed and now I have to pay more money. I would've have figured out a way to pay a day earlier if I had not been reassured by two different service reps. I don't have the money to restore my lines. The reps I spoke to today were U.S. based and very helpful. It seems like the outsourced reps are really invested in doing a good job but saying things that aren't true and that will impact the customer negatively really isn't acceptable. I had the reps from today file a complaint but I am still left with two suspended lines that I truly don't have the means to get back on. Paying on the arrangement was a waste. It is sad things have to end this way but I can't imagine paying more money because two people misinformed me. Smdh. Do better

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