Bulletproof S7 Edge


    While out on a 3 day motorcycle ride, taking in the awesome fall foliage in Arkansas, my S7 edge, which was charging in my saddlebag, flew out while doing 65mph on the highway when the lid on my saddlebag popped open.


    After using my friends locator app, we found it on side of the road, still in working order. The screen, which has a screen protector has cracks in it and the back is shattered but still in one piece. The case was removed to make better contact for the charger at the time. It also appears from the tire mark across the screen saver that it had been run over.


    I am truly impressed that this phone not only actually survived but is still operating at 100%.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Bulletproof S7 Edge

        Wow!!....................... I wish I had the S7 Edge you have. When I had that phone, I was bending over in my front yard plucking some weeds and the phone slipped out of my shirt pocket and fell 1.5 feet to the ground and shattered...... I got it replaced through insurance and, I kid you not, the day after I got the replacement I had shattered the screen again. The second time, It was in my back pocket and I slid out of my truck seat and heard the snap.

        • magenta6704275

          Re: Bulletproof S7 Edge

          Frankly I wish I had the same luck as you, I also dropped my phone from my pocket and the screen broke I had to fix it.