Why can't I clear my voicemail icon on LG V30 all of a sudden?


    I've tried calling my phone and leaving a voicemail from another phone only now not only will my call-in voicemail icon not go away, but neither will the new visual voicemail . I've tried rebooting my phone , all with no luck.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Is the voicemail icon coming from the visual voicemail app or the phone's pre-installed voicemail icon? You should try wiping the cache on the phone and seeing if that gets rid of it. Also, when you're listing to the voicemail, make sure you're listening to the whole message instead of disconnecting in the middle of it. If you do decided to delete a voicemail, make sure you get confirmation that the message was deleted before hanging up.

          • roosbox

            The icon is coming from the stock voicemail, not visual voicemail, although visual vm is what is SUPPOSED to be my default. The night I posted this question, both of the icons were not going away, but the visual one is clear again.


            My voicemail is empty. I went to a store yesterday and they were perplexed, as well. I just tried clearing the cache by optimizing and nothing changed, as in the icon is still there. And when I delete my messages, yes, I do wait until it says marked for deletion. Again, though, not sure why I'm even getting voicemails other than through my visual vm only (I can't see where to set this as default).


            I tried following directions online of clearing the cache in the Call app itself, but there isn't any one app specifically called "Call" only so I don't even know where to start on that end. Pretty frustrated that the local store said I had to call 611 or just go to Best Buy Geek Squad to pay to have this fixed.

              • tmo_mike_c

                You totally shouldn't have to pay to get something like this fixed and though I'm sure they are awesome folks, I doubt we'll need the Geek Squad. Clearing the cache for the Call Services is a good idea. If you go to the Settings > General > Apps & notification > App info you should see 3 vertical dots on the upper right hand side. Click that and select the option that says Show System. Then scroll through the list again to see if you see Call Services app to see if you can clear the cache for it. Let us know if that helps.

            • dasp1975

              Go to apps, select call services, select storage. Clear data and cache. Be sure to backup contacts before you do this

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