No clue about One Plus 6T


    I'm usually not much of a complainer about this, but this is the first time a Tmobile store has disappointed me, so I had to say something somewhere! Visited one on 10/31, at night, to see if I could find some info about the new One Plus 6t coming. Well the salesman had no idea about it, and proceeded to BS me about tmobile not carrying that type of phone (also wanted to drop some knowledge to tell me that Tmobile also doesnt carry the Pixel either   ) ... I had to go back into the store later on just to show him the actual AD that's on the tmobile page for the One Plus. First time i have been disappointed at a store, you tmobile has always been awesome, but this guy and his attitude was disappointing. He gave the look like, sorry sir you dont know what you're talking about,  but we have the s9!

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: No clue about One Plus 6T

        Not everyone who works at a cell phone store is 100% knowledgeable on all aspects of the phones and services the company offers.


        BTW, you should be aware that the 6T that T-Mobile sells is "customized" (crippled) for T-Mobile and has different features than the regular phone, (and is locked).

          • paratech59

            Re: No clue about One Plus 6T

            Interesting.  The Oneplus 6T is "crippled".  Interesting comment.  The phone has only one Sim slot ... like most US phones do.  The bootloader is locked...just like most US Phones are.  I think you are doing people a disservice by using the unfair categorization of crippled of this phone from the first Carrier selling this phone.  People have the option of going to the Oneplus website and buying their phones with dual sim slots and the bootloader isn't locked  and that is what people should be told.  I got a good trade in deal with T-Mobile on this Oneplus 6T...and despite it being "crippled" I am very happy with the phone and the trade in deal.  Without the promotion ran by T-Mobile I probably wouldn't have gotten this phone and don't feel that it is crippled at all.