Error signing up for iPhone Upgrade Program through Apple


    After paying off my lease through T-Mobile, I went to the Apple store to buy a new iPhone XR via the IUP. The in store rep kept getting an account error when trying to process the order, and I received the same error as well. Went to the T-Mobile store in the mall and they claimed everything on my account looked fine and blamed Apple. Went back to the Apple store and the associate did their best to find a workaround but determined that it was definitely an issue on T-Mobile’s end. I’ve spent countless hours on the phone with T-Mobile support, messaging them on twitter, and have even tried going to multiple T-Mobile stores to get this resolved. No one can help me. I’m on the verge of leaving T-Mobile because I’m so fed up and frustrated. I’m hoping someone can provide some insight on this. No one at T-Mobile has a clue what to do to fix this.

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