Verification Code for DATA ONLY plan users


    When I tried to modify my account from my computer T-Mobile asked to send me a VERIFICATION CODE to my T-Moblie Account number.

    It was the only OPTION there was no EMAIL option (just the txt message to my T-Mobile number)

    But the people that set this up did not consider the fact that people with DATA ONLY plans will NEVER get txt messages.  DATA Only mean just that DATA not Phone.  So for them to make this assumption is grossly inept and a terrible oversight.

    At this point I can not log in to my account via a computer.

    I was able to make my changes by opening up my T-Mobile APP on my tablet and make the changes that I needed to make there.  So I found a solution.

    But this does not fix the issue and this oversight in how you send out verification codes needs to be addressed for DAT ONLY plans.

    Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 1.05.58 AM.png

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