Saved voicemail not listed on online account web page


    Since mid October I am having problems with my online voicemail feature. Despite the fact that several voicemails are saved and can be retrieved by my phone, online account page does not show any. I was using this feature to track down and report spammers/scammers since their phone numbers are shown in each saved message. I reported this problem to T-Mobile support on October 18 and got assigned a ticket number #17911249. Up to date I did not get any response. Today I spent 35 minutes waiting in T-Mobile messaging and again did not get anybody to answer. It seems to me that either T-Mobile support considers this problem insignificant or they do not have a clue what is causing it. Reports from the similar posts in September-October suggest that re-activating voicemail could help, but I was not offered this option. Is anybody having this problem currently?

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