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    Hello to everyone,


    I fell late on paying my bill because I am overseas visiting my Dad and T-Mobile told me if I'm on wifi then calls and data are all free of charge.  Come to find out my bill is around $5000!!!!! that's robbing a person blind when they advised me otherwise because I was sure I was connected to wifi.  Now I can't access my account online to see ho much more than that it increased because the phone is suspended and I'm late.  Anyone have an idea how I can just get an overview of my bill?

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      • snn555

        Re: Viewing my bill

        I would definitely try to find a way to get online and speak with TMobile over social media.  I'm sure they could tell you after proper account verification what the charges and the bill look like and how to rectify and get on a payment plan or arrange payment another way.

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        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Viewing my bill

          The suggestion above is a good idea. That's quite surprising to have charges that high, but we do wanna get you some help with that but we'll need folks with account have you gotten in touch with our social media team? If not, please use the FB or Twitter links on our Contact Us page.