Netflix On Us Plan costs more than an actual Netflix Subscription


    My title is my question pretty much. I'm on the old all plan which is 110 a month. I called to ask about the Netflix upgrade thinking I could save some money. It would cost me $130 a month to have the Netflix On Us, yet the price of the standard subscription is $11..... I would be paying Tmobile to give me a Subscription when I could pay for it myself at half the price. Do they think people can't do simple math?

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      • teajay2024

        Just to let you know, multiple plans over time has different price ranges, Right now if I upgrade my 160$ a month plan I can switch to Netflix on us for... 160$ month, I can do math that will save me money, not everyone is on your plan, so no it doesn't work for you to switch to that plan, but does the  plan your looking at, and what you currently have give you any other features besides Netflix? 

        When I worked for US Cellular I would have people on an old grandfathered plan where Idaho was part of their network, the newer plans, Idaho was roaming, so I would have to tell people "you might get more minutes but you will roam in Idaho if you change plans and pay more" That was back in the day when roaming coast money, SO... to answer your question, Yes people can do math, but simply put sometimes people will realize what is good for others is not always good for you.

          • latinogringo

            That's good and all for you, but the problem is they're promoting this. If

            you're gonna promote a feature that's an add on. It shouldn't cost more

            than buying the actual service.


            Marc Anthony Cruz

              • barcodeable

                I agree with  teajay2024 .... The Netflix add-on promotion may not necessarily be good for you.... but for millions of other customers, this may be a great deal for them.  Lets say instead of your plan costing $110.... you were able to get all the benefits you have now but for $75 dollars.... no, it wouldn’t be smart for you to upgrade to the Tmobile One Netflix offer for $130 dollars.... because you already have a great plan.... but other people dont have a great plan as you.... so this Netflix offer was not created with you in mind. T-Mobile have given you and myself great offers.... i pay for my own Netflix.... if i upgraded to the T-mobile one ... i would pay hundreds of dollars extra for something i already have ......


                have a great day.

            • jonefamily

              Was Great for me! I saved 13 bucks a month by upgrading to the "premium" Plan and am saving more than 400$ a month over att!

              • tmo_mike_c

                I know this has been mentioned already but depending on what plan you have, it may not be the best option to change from it. Unless you get more of something you're not getting on your current plan, it's probably a better idea to save by sticking with your current plan. We do appreciate the feedback and your thoughts.