Why does my voicemail not work when traveling abroad?


    I just recently moved to T Mobile from AT&T and I brought my Galaxy phones with me.  Everything works fine in the US, but when I travel abroad, I cannot pickup my voicemail messages.  When I call the voicemail number, instead of giving me messages, it asks me to leave a message.  It seems not to recognize my phone?

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      • magentatechie

        Hey there! When you are abroad, instead of the usual route to access VM, you have to dial your own number then press * to interrupt the greeting, then enter your PIN.  The default PIN is usually the last 4 of your phone number, if not or you can't remember it, you can dial #PWD# (#793#) from your phone, or reach out to T-Mobile to have it reset.  Hope this helps!

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        • tmo_mike_c


          Have you tried using the method above to get your voicemail? Please let us know if that helps.

            • conquesta88

              Hi Mike,  Yes it worked while in the US and I am sure it will work abroad as well.


              I am VERY disappointed with the level of knowledge of customer service/tech support.  I have been on the phone with them about this issues for hours.  First two times while traveling abroad and a few more times after I got back and before posting my question.  I was told that it was NOT possible to pick up messages from another phone and no one told me to dial my own number to check for messages abroad.


              When I tried your idea, I used another phone and dialed my number, after the recorded message came on I pushed * and it asked me for my (phone) PIN number.  I entered it and I could pickup the messages just fine.


              Thanks for the help.

            • drnewcomb2

              The way that voicemail knows that it's you calling, instead of someone else, is caller ID. Frequently when calling from abroad, the caller ID gets messed up, so the system does not recognize who's calling. It's really best to use the Visual Voicemail app. I think that it uses data rather than a phone call, so it's free. In fact, are you aware that calls that roll over to voicemail when roaming are charged as if they were received? AT&T uses a different voicemail system and I think they don't charge for unanswered calls. Many T-Mobile customers just forward all incoming calls to voicemail when abroad.

              • stephenlam

                I have a lot of Robo calls that ended up in my voice mail regularly. I called Team Mobile because I have to go to Asia for 2 weeks and I wanted to know if I will be charged for 25 cents a minute when "calls" were answered by voice mail. The Answer is "yes". While I in Asia, the data and internet is free. Voice calls is 25 cent a min. and voice mail is part of the voice service. So I have my voice mail turned off.  Let my family and friends know if they want to get a hold of me, the best is to text me, or Whatsapp me. That can potentially save me a lot of money from these unnecessary voice mail charge.