Costco 2018 Q4 Apple iPhone XR Trade In Trade Up


    Anybody had any luck obtaining an iPhone XR through this Costco deal? Because, for me, it's just been one frustration after another!


    I have an eligible phone for trade-in--Galaxy S6--and I know what new phone I want--iPhone XR 128GB in Red or Blue. Easy, right? Wrong! First of all, this promotion started on 10/19/18 (i.e. the first day Apple allowed pre-orders), so I went to my local Costco store (in Ohio) on 10/24/18 to inquire. The promotional flyer at the Kiosk said this deal was available from 10/19/18 to 10/25/18 (i.e. the day before iPhone XR's were going to start being delivered.) So, I asked the clerk at the kiosk if he could confirm whether the deal actually expired before Costco stores took delivery? He couldn't confirm. So, I asked him whether I could place an order that day (10/24) to ensure I could take advantage of the deal? But, he said, "We don't take pre-orders." Ok, so, soak that in for a minute. This deal expires on 10/25/18, but stores won't have any phones until 10/26/18, and I can't place a pre-order! WHAT?! So, I walked out of the store, frustrated and confused, and crossed my fingers that the deal would still be available on 10/26/18.


    On 10/26/18, I received an e-mail from Costco referencing the same offer for an iPhone XR, and it indicated the promotion is available from 10/26/18 - 11/1/18. So, on 10/27/18, I went back to that same Costco, ready to purchase a new phone. But, they didn't have a 128 GB in red or blue; they only had a 64 GB in black. OK, that's fine, I figure I'd just order the one I want. But, the clerk said, "We don't take orders; the phone has to come from our in-store stock." So, I asked, "Will you be getting any 128 GB's in stock?" And, he said, "I assume so, but I don't know for sure." So, I said, "Do I have to just keep checking back everyday?" And, he said, "Yes. Keeping checking back." Of course, he never offered to take my contact information and call me if they get any in.


    This feels like a joke! Anybody else had any luck?


    Costco 2018 Q4 Apple iPhone XR Trade In Trade Up

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      • rdowney

        If you found a 64GB black, you are doing better than me. I haven't found any in stock. There is no information on when there will be stock or how long the deal will last.

          • magenta6492973

            Yeah, that stinks! Well, my local Costco (aka Wireless Advocates Kiosk) is showing that the XR promotion ends on 11/1/18. But, if none of the stores have any inventory, then what's the point of this promotion?! I would love voice my complaint, but I don't know who to blame--T-Mobile or Costco?--for this completely misleading promotion!


            Has anyone been successful at getting the Wireless Advocate clerk to agree to take down your contact information and call you if/when they get any phones in?

          • magenta6170907

            I was able to get an XS at costco, but the rep at costco just told me to go to the promo web site and they would send me a kit for the trade in. After 3 days I finally got the web site to work but there was nothing about the tradein. I went back to costco and learned that it was done wrong. they did the paperwork and gave me a box with prepaid label to mail in the trade in. I did that and see that it arrived. But I went back to the promo web site to track it and the web site is down again.

            • magenta6492973

              Anybody finding any iPhone XR's (T-Mobile version) in stock at your local Costco warehouse yet? If so, please let us know what capacity and color.


              Update to original post:

              OK. So, I was really hoping to get a 128 GB model via this offer. (It's been extended twice.) I'm ready to buy! But, I have called (or stopped-into) my 2 local Costco stores every other day since my original post (13 days ago), and neither store has received any 128 GB inventory! All they have is a 64 GB unit in Black. (Blah.) Meanwhile, Costco seems to have plenty of inventory of the Verizon and AT&T versions (in various capacities and colors) of the iPhone XR. I just don't get it! I'm not sure who's at fault here? T-Mobile? Costco? Apple? The current offer expires today.