COSTCOAPPLE8 promo - where to send in trade in device?




    I purchased an iphone 8 through costco via promotion COSTCOAPPLE8. Per this I need to submit my trade in device. Costco rep did not give me any shipping label to send the device back. He handed over printouts mentioning the process to complete to get the rebate.

    Forms state below info

    "Ensure you complete your trade in by sending your trade in device back through the T-Mobile/Assurant trade-in process".

    I logged in into myt-mobile account and checking to see where to get the print of shipping label. But I do not see any options


    Under Phone -> Trade-in -> Trade-in status link


    I get the following message

    If you placed an order recently, please allow up to 48 hours for our systems to be updated with your order information. Please come back to check your order status.



    It's been over 3 days now, can some one please assist with this?



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