Worst ever service. Liars and looters


    The worst ever service. Let me share my experience with them. I switched from T mobile to Verizon in first week of July. I had it from business account from my previous employer. One month later, I am receiving a bill of 295 dollars for no reason. I called T mobile , they say they can't identify me , ok. I went to the T mobile store so they can verify me, they connected me to customer support who said I don't have any pending charges and I am good to go. fine. that is done. now few weeks ago, again I received a message from my previous employer that hay! you have pending bill of 320 dollars. I called T mobile again, they again told me i need to go to t mobile store that they can't verify me. I went to store. this time, again they connected me to customer service who said yes I HAVE 320 dollars bill pending . At this point I was so pissed off and disappointed. As mentioned it was 295 before( which they told me I dont have ) and now its coming as 320. I was so disappointed that I just paid that 320 dollars to them to shut these looters forever so I don't get 400$ bill in future. I tried looking up their email to write feedback but did not find. I will never use T mobile again in future and will tell everyone to stop using them.

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