Tablet Bait and Switch


    I went to receive the FREE tablet with 2 year sign up. After he supposedly confirmed the tablets were in stock he went through whole process and added an account for me. THEN suddenly the tablet wasn't available. He tried to "switch" me to the NOT free one and justify its cost by saying the free one required $25/month plan while I could get the other for $10 a month and with equipment cost it would still be cheaper. AFTER MY CREDIT CARD WAS CHARGED.


    I was able after multiple hours to get the line cancelled and charge reversed. But should I have had too? No offer of any discount on another tablet, no working to find, NOTHING. That's pretty low down to charge my card and  then use the  "2 hours to wait on phone to cancel" to try and get me to buy a different tablet.


    On top of that. I have 5+ lines currently with you, so you should be NOT cheating me.



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      • magentatechie

        Re: Tablet Bait and Switch

        Hey there, I'm sorry this has been such a debacle for you.   I wanted to let you know that I flagged your account so that one of the mods can remove your address/phone number as this is a public forum and your private information shouldn't be posted here.  As far as getting the line taken care of, you might want to reach out to T-Force via Facebook or Twitter.  You can direct them to this page so you don't have to explain again.

        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Tablet Bait and Switch

          We certainly don't want you to feel cheated so my apologies it came off that way. We only want you to be able to take advantage of our offers without any issues. I'm sorry for how things went down and I don't see something like that happening again.

          • magenta4521345

            Re: Tablet Bait and Switch

            Similar experience!!  Told me I was getting a free tablet, set it up then "oh ya, activation fee, oh and another fee etc."  Found about that it ties me into a two year contract (already a long-time customer) AND there are installment fees.  Very dishonest company.  Take it to social media or they have no reason to change.