S6 has become locked,  help


    my son bought an s6 in may 2017 from a store on Ebay, it was unlocked with Tmobile branding on boot up. we live in the UK and it appears to be a US model SM-920T. It was working fine with a 3 sim card in up until a couple of weeks ago, he called me on it during the day then later on the battery ran out. He put the phone on charge and when it powered up there were two error messages on it, see attached photos for details. ive spoke to EE (tmobile in europe i think) and they arent sure they can help with it being a US model and samsung europe (and US) cant help either as its a Tmobile branded device. i dont know if its an unlock code i need (and if so where do i get one from) or there is something more serious with the phone. TIA for any help and assistance20181014_221325.jpg20181028_154135.jpg

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