Not Receiving Regular Text Messages (SMS)


    I have an iPhone 7 on pre-paid T-mobile plan [Previously I had a T-mobile post-paid line and I transferred my phone number to the current pre-paid one last month]. Right after the transfer, I noticed an issue with my regular text messages (SMS).

    Here is the state of my text messages:


    Send: OK

    Receive: OK

    Regular Text Message (SMS) [with Android/other devices]

    Send: OK

    Receive: Not Working


    I am so tired of T-mobile's horrible customer service. I have always been a fan of T-mobile. No more!


    I have opened three tickets with T-mobile customer service. They have invalidated my tickets and do not even show the decency to follow up with me (I have to call back after a week to get an update). T-mobile representatives have gone through a troubleshooting list (three times) checking all my phone's Messages settings. No problem with the phone's settings. The response (from engineer) is: everything looks fine on our side. Not our problem.


    So if everything is fine with T-mobile and my phone's message settings are ok, why don't I receive regular text messages?


    I post this hoping to find an answer. If not, it is time to switch. Again, horrible customer service.

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