Need dated invoice or receipt for LG V40 pre-order promotion




    I am following up on my LG V40 pre-order promotion claim, and am required to provide “a receipt or an invoice clearly showing the order date, qualifying product and retailer name.”  (I had originally provided them with a screenshot of my device order status page, which bears the T-Mobile logo, order number, payment date, shipping date, and the product name; they did not accept that screenshot, possibly because there was not a date clearly marked as the “order date.”)


    I tried to follow the instructions found in the View and print receipts online support document, but the “Print payment receipt” button mentioned there is no longer available.  This problem has been mentioned in the support discussion thread “Payment History No Longer Has "Print Payment Receipt"”, originally reported on 7/13/2018.


    Is there any way for me to obtain any properly formatted receipt or invoice for this order?



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