Wiretapping,Electronic "eavesdropping" and Intercepted Communication


    Dear T-Mobile,


    I am writing this because I am not sure if I was able to get the information I needed to you and I also wanted to notify the t-mobile community about serious violations of our rights, liberties, and freedoms by someone who is definitely the enemy of the U.S. and U.S. people who govern this great country.


    Please let us all know what are you doing to prevent all three things mentioned in the subject from happening.


    It appears, Mr. Snowden was correct and it is going on with even more efficiency and fierceness against us, simple and law-abiding U.S. folks.


    My things started 3 months ago and it resulted in me not being able to reach 911. Is this for real?


    If before I have heard the most proper response when I dialed 911 (it would always say "911, what is your emergency?") but now I hear message for non-emergency calls, hearing-impaired tones (they are insulting us, I guess) and I am not able to reach anyone at all now, always hitting the answering machine.


    Should I leave a message when I am having a heart attack? Or someone with the gun is trying to break into my house to murder me? What kind of message would you recommend me to leave? And what exactly 911 is doing? Are they like on vacation now? For me personally?


    So check all my logs, calls and data for the last 3 month, please. I had an emergency on Oct 12th and I could not summon any emergency services. Wow!


    Because when I call from a different phone and #, everything works great!!! Imagine that! Wow!


    So let us know.


    My ticket # is 29798367


    P.S. I could not even log in now to send this message because my SMS authentication info was never delivered to me. Thank God for your smart security question option.


    And your support guy did not even know what email is for support. Why? Is this all for real?


    Thank you.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        T-Mobile does have a very skilled collection of network engineers and folks that work on the back end to make sure our customer's privacy is protected. I've included a few links that go over this below and an email address that you can contact a special privacy team via email directly if you have further questions. As for you ticket, we know it's important that you're able to call 911 without any errors. From  what I've seen our engineers have resolved the this issue and you should be able to make emergency calls with no problems.


        Privacy Policy & Personal Information | T-Mobile

        Privacy Center | Privacy Statements, Controls, Fraud & Spam


        privacy@t-mobile.com. You may also direct your privacy-related comments or questions to the address below:

        T-Mobile USA, Inc.

        Attn: Chief Privacy Officer

        12920 SE 38th Street

        Bellevue, Washington 9800

          • magenta5473947

            Thank you, Mike. I also did not think that there was any problem on your end but since you did not really tell me if there was a problem (or not) I still do not know.


            Yes, issues appear to be resolved, but it still does not prevent LAPD from blocking me. Is there any way to block Police from IDing my phone? I do not want my electronic ID sent to the emergency services anymore since they abuse it and use it for their convenience against me and they use it to retaliate against me as well when they do not like that I ask them to do their job. Imagine that, right?!?


            Let me know.


            And we all know, thanks to the bravery of Mr. Snowden that each telco has black box devices that some gov. agencies may use for the purposes I have specified in the subject of the discussion. I am not talking about warranted (as with a warrant) interception and eavesdropping. I am talking about these violations of law and privacy without one. Or if the black box was highjacked by someone who is not even a legitimate law-enforcement agency. Black boxes are just as vulnerable to hackers as any other box in your server room.


            So let me know.




              • tmo_mike_c

                We do track if there's been any security breach and if you're asking if this was related to something like that, then the answer is no. I'm not aware of any way the LAPD would block you so I can't offer any suggestions on that. If you do have more concerns about that, it's probably gonna be a better bet to discuss that with someone face to face at the police office. The help we can offer here is to make sure your services are working properly and help troubleshoot to resolve them. Cellphone service and how to use the devices we sell is the scope of support we provide here.

                  • magenta5473947



                    I am still very satisfied with T-Mobile and I do not have any problems with you.


                    However, you do not appear to answer my questions or provide me with the correct information.


                    I do not think you know if there are any "black boxes" at your facilities. That is the whole point of "black boxes". My concern with black boxes is that if you have one, it is just as vulnerable to hacking as any other non-black box. So not only Gov/LEOs can use it but also hackers/rogue entities/individuals. This is why many software developers refuse to built-in backdoors into their software since it would make it vulnerable by default to attacks, hackers, e.t.c. I have no problem Gov/LEOs investigating me officially, via a proper search warrant. But I do have problems with that being done without proper authorization or worse by hackers/criminals e.t.c. This is not really of my concern right now since I have figured out that it was police all along, just like I have suspected. And maybe also some malware on my phone/computer, which I reset already. I am mostly stating all this for info for the forum users. So no need to respond to this.


                    But I need your response about the possibility of completely blocking off emergency services (911) and police from IDing my phone so that they can't block me. Is it possible? Can you do it for me? Even as a special request? I know it is an unusual request, but I have no choice at this moment.


                    So let me know still.


                    Thank you.