iPhone X LTE Unusable




    At my workplace (48326) the lte inside of the building is unusable for me. Normally, I'd assume it's just the building stopping any signal penetration, but my coworkers seem to be attaining much higher speeds than me.



    Me:                                   Coworker:

    iPhone Xs                         iPhone Xs

    DL: 1                                 DL: 10

    UL: 0.1                              UL: 5


    Both phones have similar network band support except for the iPhone Xs having 71. (71 is not available in this area if I recall correctly)

    I've tried resetting my network profile after calling T-mobile, but this didn't really help.


    Anything that I can check or do?

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      • comps

        Re: iPhone X LTE Unusable

        Two side by side comparisons. Both phones connected to band 2.

        The difference can often be more drastic.



        • tmo_amanda

          Re: iPhone X LTE Unusable

          Hey, comps!


          Something is definitely off here. Is the other iPhone running on our network as well?  I'm assuming both of the speed tests were taken at the same location, right? Also, to answer your question, no, Band 71 is not available in the area as of yet. I'm wondering if your co-worker would allow you to put your SIM in their phone to run a speed test to see what the outcome is. I'm curious if yours will still be slower on their phone or if the results will remain the same.