Sales Fraud and HORRIBLE Customer Experience


    Has anyone else been promised a T-Mobile discount and it never got applied to your account? My family bought 4 lines and at the time the promotional offer discounted it to $120/month. After numerous calls (and supposed escalations by customer service reps), I finally gave up and just paid the higher amount ~$150/month. Over the course of a year, thats $360 in overcharges. I thought T-mobile was different from the other carriers, but it seems like they're more of the same.


    More recently, my wife upgraded her phone to a new iPhone XS. She purchased the phone from Costco. The store rep made a mistake and couldn't get the new phone activate. On top of that, the old phone stopped working as well. The Costco rep's only recommendation was for us to call T-Mobile to get it solved. Later that evening, I called T-mobile at 9 pm. I sat on the phone with the first agent, Joyce, for over an hour. She couldn't explain why, but for whatever reason could not activate the brand new phone. At which time the line mysteriously got cut off. Keep in mind, I maintained a pleasant demeanor and was polite.


    I called back in and the second agent, Joseph, said the account was on a fraud alert and therefore I could not activate the phone. He couldn't tell me anything about who put the fraud alert on or why it was applied. He asked to speak to my wife and she explained the same thing - no verification of her identity, so not sure what that solved. After 45 minutes of sitting on hold, he said he needed to transfer me because of the fraud issue. I got transferred to another agent who said because of the fraud alert, she wasn't able to make a change either. I don't know who put the fraud alert on our account - the first agent, the customer service reps we dealt with over a year ago, or someone else, but regardless, its created a mess on our end!


    T-Mobile's coverage is great but something needs to improve with the service. Between the over-billing and now this fictitious fraud alerts, its becoming a pain to be a T-mobile customer.

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      • magentatechie

        Gosh! I'm so sorry to hear about this debacle!  Now, this is a community forum so no one here can directly access your personal account, but I wanted to ask first regarding the plan.  Are you on autopay?  When you see an ad for a specific rate plan promo, the price you're quoted is going to be the autopay discount as it entails $5 off per line.  Also, do you remember around when you signed up for the offer? I'd like to research it for you and verify the exact amount you should be paying. 


        With regards to the fraud alert on your account was your wife able to get either her new phone or old phone activated?  Because it's been a fiasco with the phone reps, I do recommend you reach out to T-Force via Facebook or Twitter.  They will be able to access your account and see exactly why there is a fraud alert and what needs to be done to resolve it. 

        • tmo_mike_c

          We are a different company and I'm terribly sorry you didn't get our best customer service. I do feel like reaching out to our T-Force team is a good idea to help get this resolved. They're an awesome social media team and I'm sure they can take look at this further. Please give them a shot and allow them to assist.

          • tmo_mike_c



            Just checking in to see if you've contacted our T-Force folks. Please reach out to them for more help.

              • magenta6594588

                @tmo_mike_c, Thanks for the follow-up. I'm sorry to say, that it's been a terrible experience dealing with T-mobile. My wife called back in yet again. The agent said our account was still on fraud hold until November 7. Her old phone was not fully functional and her $1000 investment in a new phone could not be activated because of T-mobile.  Dan from the fraud department called my wife back later, but could not explain why our account was put on hold or how to remove it sooner than November 7. When she persisted, he hung up on her.


                We eventually got her new phone activated. Between the over billing problem that we previously gave up on and now this fraud alert / activation issue, T-mobile has left a bitter experience.