What an awful month of service this has been


    I made the mistake of switching from ATT to Tmobile last month. Fortunately I decided to try the prepaid service before getting a contract and new phone. What a month this has been. Data is astoundingly slow and as someone answered in my previous post, it's in the terms and conditions. I may get a good lte signal but that does not mean t mobile has to give me anything near lte speeds. Fair enough, its in the fine print, bad service is just what one can expect from Tmo.


    Then 10 days ago text messaging just stopped working. Many hours later and numerous calls and chats and even tech "specialists" later I am still without text messaging. Can't send or receive. I am going to guess thats in the terms of service too. Unlimited messages? Hah! More like messages for a couple weeks and then you are out of luck buddy.


    I've actually been resorting to using the app textnow for my messaging. Fortunately that works just fine even with the crawling speeds of the data connection.


    So what good is the 50 gig cap when none of it is LTE? I mean it's great that you make the phone say lte but the speed.... its ridiculous.


    I let myself get scared away by a 22 gig cap for "deprioritization" from ATT but you know, I made a real mistake. I never noticed any real slowdowns whereas it's completely normal for Tmo to take over 10 seconds to even start to load a webpage, and then it just drags it out for another 30 seconds to a minute to get the whole page loaded.


    Tech support is the same way. So slow. 2 hour wait times are the norm. Tech specialists that mysteriously lose the call and never even bother calling back. Online chat is bizarre. If those "people" are not bots.... The website is set up to automatically log you after 1/2 hour, yet the wait times are consistently well over 1/2 hour! It's the perfect catch 22.


    The responses from the bots are frustrating: me: "I can't send or receive text messages now" Tmobile:"Okay thanks, and are you having issues sending and receiving texts?"


    It's like talking to a wall when you have exactly what you just said repeated right back at you. Please ditch the chat bots and hire some humans.


    As for me, I am done with Tmo in 3 days. I feel like a prisoner anticipating the freedom of having functional communications again. What a truly awful month this has been. So many hours wasted trying to get what was sold to me.  Fortunately the actual voice service has worked. But LTE speeds? NOPE! Unlimited messages? Not on your life!


    Simply the worst tech support and with the huge wait times it seems the problem is everywhere and nothing ever gets fixed.


    Thank God I tested the waters before getting stuck with a contract. I truly feel sorry for the victims tmobile ropes into yearly contracts.


    I find myself actually searching for a class action lawsuit against tmo. After what I've been thru, I'd be overjoyed to lend my voice to something that can actually punish tmo for its horrific service all around. It's been that bad and I look forward to ditching this service and never coming back.