Horrible Support with a Company that Lies Strategically


    This may be the worst company When it comes to customer service that I have ever seen (Tmobile). They promise you 200mb of data free for life, so they loop you in, get you all excited about using their network. Then they take it away, and give you notice that it will not be available for new customers but they promise that the old customers will get to continue to use the service that they offered in the first place...... Wrong, even though I have had it since March 2017 I still can not use it and talking to the Tmobile support department is horrendous, it is literally living Groundhog Day over and over again every time you pick up the phone and decide to call Tmobile to get it fixed. You tell them your issue, they transfer you several times, they try to diagnose the issue every time! Even though you have already diagnosed the issue the past 10 times, then they say your wrong, after a 10 minute discussion they go Oh... I see, yes, and they have to expedite the issue, promise a call back within 72 hours every time! and then Groundhog Day starts again, 1 week later, no phone call and back to calling tmobile to repeat the exact same issue over again.


    If you don’t have Tmobile or if you are within your 30 days, return your device and find a new carrier service.

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