Ripped off and very disappointed with customer service


    I have been a loyal T-mobile customer for about 10 years.  My significant other and his mother were with Sprint and I talked about how seamless my contract was with T-mobile, that I had free international service, upgrade each year with the Jump program etc.  We decided to move them over to my account.  We went into the store and began talking with an associate about what we wanted to do, cancel sprint and move the two numbers over to my account.  I was most worried about transitioning my significant others mother, as she was 2 hours away from us, and I wanted the transition to be easy for her so we did not have to worry.  We were reassured by the employee that she would just need to go into a T-mobile store and the SIM card would work with her phone. 


    He explained to us the policy that T-mobile has to pay off the remaining lease balance of the phone for people who switch.  My significant other's phone was cracked on the front screen, so we knew no reimbursement would be made for that one.  The T-mobile representative said his mothers phone would work with T-mobile so no need to worry.  T-mobile had a promotion at that time buy 1 S9 get the 2nd for free.  My significant other wanted the Note 8 and I wanted the S9, so because of the good promotion and adding the two new lines, we walked out of the store with a new Note 8 and two S9's (SO works a high intensity job, so the extra phone was going to come in handy for that). The S9 was put on his mothers line, as we were told we would have no need to submit a reimbursement request for pay off of the device we were moving over from Sprint.  


    The employee had us call Sprint, while we are in the T-mobile store, and cancel our account and pay off all outstanding lease balances so we could move the numbers over, we owed about $110 for the lease on his mothers phone.  Later that evening when his mother went to the T-mobile store, she was told by that in-store employee that the phone was not compatible with T-mobile sim cards and that she was going to need to purchase a new phone.


    Obviously, I was very confused, the T-mobile store where we had done our translations through assured us many times that the transition would be seamless, as I was most concerned about my significant other mother being taking care and and not running into any problems.  Obviously not what happened.  I called T-mobile customer support and was told that NO SPRINT PHONES WORK WITH THE T-MOBILE SIMS.  How could a store employee lie to my face just for a sale!!  He had me call Sprint while standing next to me and assured me that everything would transition fine. 


    The online T-mobile representative told me there wasn't much they could do for me to resolve the issue, but that I could go back to the store I made the transaction with and talk with the Manager, that they might be able to make some kind of arrangement.  I went back tot he store and talk with the Manager, he confirmed that the Sprint phone would not work on the T-mobile network.  He said making a complaint through the system to get a free phone would take too long and he suggested that I purchase a phone, mind you the SAME EXACT PHONE we had on Sprint just T-mobiles "version", and that he would reimburse me $10 a month to cover the lease price of the phone, all I had to do was email him each month to "remind him" and he would apply the credit. 


    I tried this for three months, sent multiple emails, most with no response.  I was  promised that a discount would be applied, with no discounts applied.  It's been over 6 months and I have not received any discounts, I got tired of constantly emailing, which I am sure what he anticipated when he made me this shady deal.  Not only that, he told that I should send the phone we just paid off from Sprint in for reimbursement for the payoff.  I did, the payoff was rejected but I got a measly $4 for the "value" of the phone.  The phone was rejected because the S9 was on that line instead of the new phone we just had to buy her, so they rejected the claim.  We could have put the S9's on my line and my SO line, and we wouldn't have had this issue with this accident.  But the employee encouraged we put it on her line, again to make it impossible for us to do anything. 


    So now we are out almost an extra $300, all because the t-mobile staff wanted a quick commission and not actually provide quality customer service.  I feel like we were given multiple fake promises.  I would have gone about my transaction completely differently if he had been given accurate information.  I promised that this switch would save us money, but ended up costing us a lot more.  Nothing was truly done to remedy T-mobile's error.  I talked T-mobile up and had two people move over, yet they completely treated us horrible and made my choice look reckless and stupid.  Very embarrassed by all of this and extremely disappointing with T-mobiles customer service.  I will never be recommending anyone to switch again, unless they know the staff they are working with so that the staff does not go out of their way to rob you.  T-mobile staff only care about themselves, not customers at all, and definitely not long term loyal customers.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hi, jmclellan!


        Gosh, this isn't a great experience at all especially after being with us for so long. It sounds like you tried to have everything together to bring over your SO and MIL to your account. I'm incredibly sorry you've been promised credits that haven't been fulfilled but also that there's no further communication between you and the store manager. We definitely need to get this straightened out and it sounds like you've tried working with the store. Have you contacted T-Force over Facebook or Twitter yet? They're my go-to recommendation for out-of-the-box solutions as we do not have access to customer accounts here on the Support Community.