We frequently can't send text messages


    I have multiple phones on my account, and all of them frequently can't send text messages. Failures are most common when sending between these phones. Sometime one message will be stuck "Sending", and a new message to the same recipient, with the phone in the same physical location (and 3+ bars of service) will go through.


    Tapping on "Not sent. Tap to try again." never works.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Let's see if we can figure out why this is happening, magenta6574639!


        • what type of phones are being used (make and model)?
        • what zip code does this generally occur in?
        • how long has this been going on?
        • is this a regular text, group text, or mms that doesn't go through?
          • magenta6574639

            Re: We frequently can't send text messages

            Phone: Motorola Z2


            Most common zip code: 98011; however, it happened while we were travelling in California also


            It has been happening for months.


            Regular text messages between 2 T-Mobile customers are the most frequent (between members of my family). We send text to others less frequently, so I can’t tell if the failure rate is similar.

          • tmo_mike_c

            Re: We frequently can't send text messages

            Amanda asked some really good questions that'll help us give you more insight on how to get this fixed. Please take a look and let us know. You should also take a peek at our Text message troubleshooting page and follow those steps to see if they help.

              • magenta6574639

                Re: We frequently can't send text messages

                Following the steps in the FAQ:




                1.     No, we don’t get that error. We (eventually) get “Not sent. Tap to try again.” Trying again never works. Other message from the same sender, to the same recipient, both in the same locations, do work within minutes of the failure.

                2.     Generally, 3+ bars of service.

                3.     I’m the primary account holder. I don’t have Message blocking or Family Allowances set for any of the phones.

                4.     I don’t have a prepaid account

                5.     We tested with WiFi off

                6.     Restarting the device sometimes helps, but so does just sending another message (the original still doesn’t get delivered). Restarting every time I want to send a text is not a practical suggestion.

                7.     We do not have any devices on the Device Block or Spam List. And as I mentioned, message from the same sender to the same recipient do get through.

                8.     The date and time are auto-updating, and correct.

                9.     I have no other messaging apps installed. I did find in the past that Facebook messaging makes the problem MUCH worse, and removed it.

                10.     This did not help. The “Manage Messages” page doesn’t show an SMSC setting and I was unable to find one on the device.

                11.     I don’t use an iPhone

                12.     I don’t use an iPhone

                13.     The device is up-to-date. The problem has persisted through multiple updates.

                14.     There is considerably more than 15% free on all of the phones.

                15.     The issue is intermittent. I can send a text to my own number, but as I don’t do that very often I don’t know if it is any more reliable.

                16.     We’ve done this, but the problem persists.

                17.     This won’t help. The issue affects multiple devices (each with it’s own sim). I followed advice at the store and purchased brand new Moto Z2’s to replace the ones I ported from AT&T (at great expense) and the service isn’t any more reliable

                18.     Well, this email thread is in response to attempting to contact you, so…

                  • tmo_mike_c

                    Re: We frequently can't send text messages

                    I appreciate you being so thorough with your response. With intermittent issues like this, we'll need to collect examples of the messages failing and have our Team of Experts or T-Force folks file a Trouble Ticket. That'll give our engineers a bit more to work with when they work on getting this resolved.