Issues with my unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9+


    I'm not sure why there is such a disconnect between what we, as customers, are told inside the store by one of your sales reps and what we get in real life but it is rather severe.

    Before switching to T-Mobile your sales reps reassured me that it's the way to go because, unlike Verizon, T-Mobile has a super-advanced, mega-awesome, bleeding edge network that is not only faster but also comes with two features Verizon couldn't provide: RCS and Wi-Fi calling.

    I would really like to know why the wifi calling doesn't work on my phone the way it should, why MyT-moble is not working and, most importantly why my US version G965u1 doesn't have RCS. And just so we're clear I know that my phone is RCS capable, suggesting to check if it is won't fix my issue or answer my questions, I'm also aware of the fact that RCS had been rolled out a whike ago and that it works, I have to say that because I've seen replies to other people asking similar questions where the explanation given made no sense by suggesting that not all "stages" of RCS were yet completes and that's why it does not work.

    My phone should be able to use the service, I was explicitly promised it would be able to utilize it. Please, let me know how to set it up or what I have to do to get it working, also, the video calling I was promised (once again, it's an UNLOCKED Samsung Galaxy S9+, US version with Snapdragon, purchased at bestbuy) also doesn't work, even though unlocked phones are capable of it and the Note 8 I had before did just fine.

    Please don't ask me questions I already answered and don't try to make me believe that there is some mystery to RCS, video calling, etc. I just need to know if I should drop T-Mobile or if there is a way to troubleshoot my issues. Thanks!

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      • gramps28

        Re: Issues with my unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9+

        Try this. This link is from Samsung.


        Enjoy the Freedom of BYOD Software Update

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        • tmo_chris

          Re: Issues with my unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9+



          Thanks for taking the time to post to our community! I wanted to check in here to see if you had a chance to see the link that gramps28 posted?


          Also, we cannot guarantee that WiFi calling or other T-Mobile branded services like advanced messaging and video calling will work on our network if the phone was not sold by T-Mobile as we did not test them and configure them to work with our services.

            • wendingo

              Re: Issues with my unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9+

              Interesting how your sales reps can and do guarantee all this stuff, I wonder how bad your training must be for your sales reps to know nothing about your products and services.

              Every time I do business with T-Mobile I end up regretting it almost instantly because the expectations that are based solely on your promises never pan out. The only reason I switched from Verizon was because your T-Mobile rep sold me a plan that didn't exist! He said my internet would be unlimited for $50 per month, which is $10 cheaper than what I was paying with Verizon, he sounded like he knew what was talking about, it was a t-mobikw branded store so, when I asked him whether or not my RCS and wifi calling would work he explained to me, step-by-step, that my unlocked phone will have no issues with RCS and wifi calling and that the only thing I'll miss out on is video calling but he also said that no one uses it anyway and that everyone uses Duo anyway, mainly because iPhone and Samsung aren't compatible.

              The reality of the story is this: instead of better, faster un-carried goodness I ended up almost losing the number I had for 15 years because your sales rep, despite my requests to pay attention and reading the number back to him THRICE still ended up putting in the wrong account number, he was very arrogant about it too when I gave it to him, trying to tell me that dashes and zeroes don't matter, which isn't true, by the way. As a result of his careless and very unprofessional approach to his duties I had to send THREE DAYS unable to receive any calls, paying for an extra month of service with Verizon because, apparently  T-Mobile had to port my number back in somehow and then couldn't port it back out cause the number became instantly suspended since the month was up and I didn't refill it.. The worst part is that the same sales person took three days to help me, I couldn't do it myself because the department that could help me wasn't working on T-Mobile's side and Verizon had nothing to do with it since they no longer had my number and didn't care.


              When I finally got the number transfered I found out that the wifi calling works much worse than it did with Verizon, constantly asking for a 911 address but never letting me update it, forcing me to restart my phone every single time, the RCS messaging doesn't work on unlocked phones and never did, the plan I signed up for was not unlimited and the simcard I paid for should have been free. I also got a few very weird, complicated explanations about dealers, authorized stores and corporate hierarchy from t-mobile but, let me tell you, I don't care how your stores operate, all I know is a sales person who worked in a store with your logo on it, dressed in a uniform branded with your company name and, ultimately, representing you at the time sold me a product that didn't exist and did it so badly it almost ruined my life. And now, instead of an explanation I get some patronizing replies, useless links that don't answer my questions at the slightest and generic feedback that makes no sense. T-Mobile used to be a good company, it's sad to realise that the reason your plans are now so much cheaper is because you got rid of qualified sales reps and hired the likes of the man who sold me this nightmare.

                • tmo_lauren

                  Re: Issues with my unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9+

                  Hey wendingo, it certainly sounds like a lot has gone. While it's true internally as a rep it can be easy to get caught up in the specifics of a non corporate rep giving the wrong information, you're right at the end of the day if someone wearing a shirt labeled T-Mobile you should be able to trust their answers.


                  Do you know if we've filed anything against the store you've mentioned?