Issues with my unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9+


    I'm not sure why there is such a disconnect between what we, as customers, are told inside the store by one of your sales reps and what we get in real life but it is rather severe.

    Before switching to T-Mobile your sales reps reassured me that it's the way to go because, unlike Verizon, T-Mobile has a super-advanced, mega-awesome, bleeding edge network that is not only faster but also comes with two features Verizon couldn't provide: RCS and Wi-Fi calling.

    I would really like to know why the wifi calling doesn't work on my phone the way it should, why MyT-moble is not working and, most importantly why my US version G965u1 doesn't have RCS. And just so we're clear I know that my phone is RCS capable, suggesting to check if it is won't fix my issue or answer my questions, I'm also aware of the fact that RCS had been rolled out a whike ago and that it works, I have to say that because I've seen replies to other people asking similar questions where the explanation given made no sense by suggesting that not all "stages" of RCS were yet completes and that's why it does not work.

    My phone should be able to use the service, I was explicitly promised it would be able to utilize it. Please, let me know how to set it up or what I have to do to get it working, also, the video calling I was promised (once again, it's an UNLOCKED Samsung Galaxy S9+, US version with Snapdragon, purchased at bestbuy) also doesn't work, even though unlocked phones are capable of it and the Note 8 I had before did just fine.

    Please don't ask me questions I already answered and don't try to make me believe that there is some mystery to RCS, video calling, etc. I just need to know if I should drop T-Mobile or if there is a way to troubleshoot my issues. Thanks!

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