LG V40 - Keyboard/Typing Issues


    I just received my LG V40 today. In the process of getting things setup, I started to notice that the screen would freeze when typing. I figured at first it was just me typing wrong, or hitting a bad key. After another hour of use, I noticed the issue more and more, and then started seeing the notification drawer come down out of nowhere.


    Basically, as I'm typing (whether it's the native keyboard or SwiftKey), the screen will lock up (the T-Mobile logo appears on the bottom of the screen as if you pulled down the notification drawer), and sometimes a white streak appears at the top of the screen. Occasionally the notification drawer will partially come down even if I'm not typing. It's extremely strange, and really annoying.


    I have tried restarting the phone numerous times with no luck. Sometime's it's bad enough where every 3 letters I type it freezes and pulls down the notification drawer.


    I will take a video (with my trusty V30) of the issue and post it here.


    I tried to reach out to LG directly to be able to report an issue, but that led me nowhere, and I suspect it might be a T-Mobile software issue, and not an LG issue.


    Curious if anyone who starts to get their V40 will see this issue. It's driving me crazy. Might keep using my V30 at this rate.

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      • justinwojo

        Re: LG V40 - Keyboard/Typing Issues

        In the process of me recording this, I figured out that I was touching the top right corner of the screen when holding the phone... My V30 doesn't have the screen so close to the top right so I never saw this happen. Just figured I'd post this instead of deleting. I could see someone else having the same issue where they need to hold the phone by the top right corner, and accidentally touch the screen.


        Once I get my case, it should also give me a little bit of buffer room so it doesn't happen.


        False alarm! Everything else is perfect on the phone so far.

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