trade-in problem and don't know what to do anymore


    I've been talking to T-mobile support for months (since January) on 2x iPhone 6 that was sent in as part of the iphone X/8 $300 trade-in promotion last year. I signed up  on to tmobile mainly because of that promotion at the time. At first I was told everything is taken care of and  confirmed the UPS label was received by the t mobile warehouse (in January). I was asked to wait for 2-3 billing cycles. When I didn't get the credit in March/April, i called back and talked to couple of different agents. I was told the phone can't be located in the warehouse. After a few more back and front they were able to locate the phones but the promotion has expired. That was June/July and I was told  the case need to be escalated to the a supervisor on how to credit me back. I was promised follow-up/personal guarantee/called back from each of the agents. I never received any followed. The last time i call back in Aug, i was told everything will be OK again and the credit will be applied in 2-3 billing cycles again. However to this day I still haven't receive $0 in credit.  I can keep calling but I'm tired of this and have   no faith as to how this going to be fixed.  I'm down 2x iPhone 6 and without getting anything for them. I started reading this forum reently and saw I was not the only one that has this problem. I hope i knew about this problem before I sign up to with tmobile........I really hope this still can be fixed. Please help......anyone?tmo_marissa@

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