Advertising Fraud - 10GB for $40 (Simply Prepaid) Promotion


    Over the past one plus weeks, T-Mobile has been advertising a limited-time offer for up to 10GB of LTE data for $40 as part of it's Simply Prepaid service. no fine print. I contacted a T-Mobile rep via chat about this promotion; this rep informed me that this promotion could only be activated in-store. So I went to a local T-Mobile store.


    The local store rep could not find this plan as an option from which to select in her system (she showed me her screen so I believe her). She even called customer care for me while I was in the store to straighten things out; however, customer care left her on hold for over 15 minutes before we gave up.


    I then contacted another T-Mobile rep via chat the other night who took the appropriate step of escalating this matter through chain of command. He was going to bring up this issue at a manager meeting the next day and call me at a designated time two days later. Guess what: no phone call and no change in my plan.


    Has anyone else had difficulty executing this limited-time offer? Right now, T-Mobile is in direct violation of FCC regulations; they are blatantly advertising a particular service for a specified price which no customer can possibly take advantage of through any of T-Mobile's sales channels. I think it's time I brought this issue to my state's senators. I am sure they would love to bring this to light while the merger with Sprint is still under the Congressional microscope.


    T-Mobile, it's time you righted this wrong.

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