T-Mobile Account Placed in Collections After 13 years ... HOW AND WHY?!?


    I have been a loyal T-Mobile customer for 20+ years.   Back in 2005, I ended up changing/ upgrading my account and due to the changes, my account number changed.   No one bothered to notify me that the account # changed, or that there was ever an outstanding balance under the old account number. 


    Fast forward 13 years, YES 13 YEARS later,  I receive a credit monitoring alert that there has been a change to my credit- - - low and behold, T-Mobile has reported and put my account into collections as of April 2018..... 13 years later and not one notification about it!!!    What is more mind boggling than anything - - is that I have remained a current, active T-Mobile customer this whole time.    I have had the same phone number, name, social security #, updated address, etc  in T-Mobile's system and NOT once did T-Mobile ever stop me from purchasing phones, upgrading my accounts, etc since then.     No one has ever mentioned that I had an outstanding balance from over 13 years ago.    I have  since paid off the account and your collections agency AmSher refuses to take this account off of my credit.  THIS ACCOUNT SHOULD HAVE NEVER ONCE BEEN PLACED INTO COLLECTIONS!!!   I would have been more than happy to pay the outstanding balance, had I been notified of this!!    Because of this, my credit score has been ruined and in the middle of trying to purchase a home- - -this has become my worst nightmare!  Due to T-Mobile dropping the ball and someone making this this mistake and finding it 13 years- - this is now costing me so much pain and suffering!   I have tried to resolve this since April and keep getting the runaround from T-Mobile and AmSher - pointing fingers going back and forth of who I need to speak to and getting absolutely no where with this.


    It also sounds as if this is not the first time T-Mobile has done this to customers... and  this is outside of the statue of limitations time frame.  (7 years to report)


    Please advise of who I can speak to to get this resolved and taken off my credit?   Or if legal action needs to be taken to get this resolved?   From the sounds of it and other customers making this same compliant, a class action suit may be necessary.  

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