Non native speaker cannot turn off voice mail

    • I am in Japan.
    • My wife is in the US for a few weeks. She speaks very little English.
    • She has a prepaid service.  When I call her it goes into voice mail.
    • She did not knowingly turn it on.
    • If she is not by the phone, I get the damned recording.
    • I need to tell her how to disable it.
    • This page does NOT show how to turn it off:  How to use voicemail
    • Nor does this link to so-called SHORT codes: Self-service short codes
    • And the short codes are not clear. How do you type ----just an example #ABC (#333#)   You do that literally????
    • I have to skype her and explain this since she can't understand it, and neither do I.  She does NOT want to have voicemail at all.
    • She does not want to listen to messages.
    • She just wants to turn it off.



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