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    I'm currently with Verizon and want to switch to T-Mobile.  I have an S9+ and went to a few T-Mobile stores to ask about if the Get Out of the Red promo applies to my phone.  At these stores, 3 employees (including a store manager) informed be that the S9+ was eligible for the promo, and 1 employee told me it wasn't.  I've been to so many because I'm trying to get a straight answer since the online site does not list the S9+ as eligible currently.  So which is it?  I really want to switch, but if the S9+ is not eligible I won't.  It also seems to reflect poorly on staff training if I had 3 different T-Mobile employees give me incorrect information regaurding a promo.

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        Getting a solid answer shouldn't be difficult and I'm sorry you've had to go around to multiple people.  The S9+ is not included in the #GetOutoftheRed promo. There are plans to add new devices (such as the Note8 and the S9/S9+) to this program as soon as they are ready for use on our network. But before that can happen, they must pass rigorous testing and meet our specifications. As soon as we have approved devices to add to this program, we'll update the document I linked to so Verizon customers are aware.