Galaxy S7 Edge Device Unlock


    I own a Galaxy S7 Edge device bought at full retail price from Samsung which is Tmobile locked. I have contacted Tmobile to have the device unlocked and received an email with unlock instructions which never worked. Upon contacting Tmobile again, I was asked to contact Samsung. When contacted Samsung they advised me to contact Tmobile. Back to square one. I contacted T-Mobile again and they sent me an email with unlock instructions. Those did not work again. I called T-Mobile again and the issue has been "escalated". I received a callback after 72 hours saying I would receive an unlock code within 24 hours. 72 hours passed and no unlock code yet. I contacted TMobile again and the issue has been "escalated" again. I was told i would receive a callback (not unlock code) in 24 hours. I am waiting for the callback. All this saga started around 20 days ago. I have been with Tmobile for 6 years now and have never been so frustrated with any service provider. How do I get a resolution for this unlock issue from Tmobile?

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