Unable to access prepaid account on t-mobile.com since Oct 12


    Ever since Friday October 12, 2018, I've been able to complete the online login on t-mobile.com to access my prepaid accounts, it worked fine prior to that. On that day after I logged in I was greeted with a message saying my password was too old and it forced me to change the password which I did. After logging in successfully with the new password, as usual I get the "Select account" screen where I select prepaid number I want to manage as I have multiple prepaid numbers on this account, the link to that page is: https://my.t-mobile.com/choose-account.html


    After selecting a number I get the message: "We are currently having trouble with your request. Please wait a few minutes and try again."
    I get the same message if I select the other numbers as well. So it appears whatever changes they made to the site last week didn't account for prepaid accounts with multiple numbers associated with the login as I can't complete the login anymore. Can someone please forward this to the appropriate department at T-mobile?

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