How is prepaid different from postpaid


    I want to compare prepaid vs postpaid plans.I may already be seeing what I want to know, but I can't tell prepaid from postpaid based on the plan names. Usually I can find anything I want online but I feel stupid on cell phone sites.


    Is postpaid supposed to be a better deal? If so, what features make it better? For the sake of discussion, I've been on the $45/month prepaid plan for around 3 years. (Not interested in Pay/Go)

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      • dc5fan

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        For me I went into the PAYG $3 a month due to eye problems. I don't make a lot of calls. I use my phone mainly as a "jukebox". I don't use my 30 minutes for the month. Perhaps if you live close to a corporate T-Mobile store they should be able to answer your question. Maybe someone who has a post-paid account might steeer you to the right plan.

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        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: How is prepaid different from postpaid

          Hi there!


          Are you looking for more details about what postpaid plans we have to offer and prices as well? A good place to start is our Find the right plan for you page. It gives a list of the different plans we have and some details on what they include. If you find something that peaks your interest, you can click the pricing links to get an idea of what it'll cost. Please take a look and let us know if you need more help.