Sent in an iPhone, was told they received it, never saw any money.


    Two years ago there was a deal t-mobile ran that said if I sent in my current iPhone they would pay the monthly payments on the new iPhone. I got the new phone and sent in the old phone. I didn't see it ever appear on my bill, I called a month or so later and was told that they had received the phone but the price for the phone each month would be given as a rebate. I never saw any money put back onto the account. I have called them at least 6-12 times over the last two years and have spent hours on the phone going between managers trying to figure out why I never got any money back. I have now paid for the entirety of the iPhone I got and never saw a penny returned to me. This has cost me well over a grand and the worst part is they stole my phone! I couldn't even sell it as I would have normally done. I was in the prosses of filling out a lawsuit with a third party against t-mobile when I found this sight and thought I would ask if there is anything I can do with t-mobile directly?

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