Port out not completed on t-mobiles end problem


    I ported out of t-mobile prepaid (rebellion) 2 days ago to cricket wireless and everything seemed ok, old tmo line stopped working and all calls and texts going to cricket, well today just for fun, I checked if my number was eligible to port back to t-mobile, but the checker gave me an error saying there was already a port in progress. I called the port department to see what was up and they told me that cricket needs to complete the port. Well I actually got ahold of the corporate porting department at cricket and they told me everything is complete on their end and there is nothing else they can do (and I believe them, tmo service no longer working, check, all calls and texts go to cricket now, check.) So I’m kinda in limbo here, t-mo is telling me the port request is still open, and cricket is telling me it’s completed, and I more believe cricket because the proof is there. I think maybe this is a rebellion issue since I was having other weird issues with rebellion too. Any help to get this T-Mobile port out cleared would be much appreciated.

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