FRUSTRATED Apple Watch Series 4 LTE activation


    Just really frustrated.  It's been 3 weeks now.  I have had two of my family members trying to activate Series 4 watch (w LTE).  The run around TMOBILE has given us for the past 3 weeks has been shocking - transfers all over the world without ANYONE having any ability to help.  And best yet, the same exact watch for me was activated on Day 1 within 10 seconds.  But Watch 2 and Watch 3 are now on Day 21.  Each call is 10 minutes of hold each time with a transfer and another 10 minutes of hold.  TRANSFERS WITHIN THE SAME DEPARTMENT with the same questions in the first 2 minutes and then - WE CANT DO THIS SO LET ME TRANSFER YOU TO THE RIGHT DEPARTMENT.  Oh gee.  I moved to Tmobile 2 years ago for its better international plan but now thinking of going back to AT&T.  A company cant be this incompetent.  They are asking for SIM card.  But all we need IMEI and EID.


    PLEASE SOMEONE FROM TMOBILE READING THIS HELP.  Please DM me so I can get on a call and activate my two Apple Watches.   But only DM me if you know what you are doing.


    Thank you

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      • magentatechie

        I just wanted to let you know that no one here on the boards is able to access your account.  If you are looking to receive help online, you will need to contact T-Mobile via Chat or T-Force via Facebook or Twitter


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        Are the other watches upgrades from the Apple Watch Series 3, as in, they were already connected to your phones?  If so, the activation process is a little different.


        First, if your eSIM hasn't been activated, you do need to provide the EID to the representative so that your eSIM number can be generated and activated.