how can I restric phone service from one line in my acount?

    how can I restric phone service from one line in my acount?

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      • barcodeable

        Hmm, my question to you would be: Why do you want to restrict phone service on one of the lines on your account?


        But to blindly answer your question without knowing any details about your situation... I would suggest to contact T-Mobile customer service and have the current simcard on that particular account voided, and obtain a new simcard. You will still be responsible for paying whatever the cost is to retain that line, but there will be no phone activity on it due to you having the new simcard for that line.

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        • magentatechie

          Depending on the level of restriction you desire, you have several options.  You could have the SIM cancelled as mentioned above, but you will have to purchase a new SIM if you wish to reactivate the line. (The original SIM will be deactivated upon the new activation.)


          You might also opt to utilize your online account to suspend the phone, it will stop texts, calls, and data, but whomever will still be able to access WiFi.


          Another option would be to use Family Allowances.  This is a paid feature, but if you have T-Mobile one with Netflix on Us, it's already on your account.  You can set "Always Allowed" numbers and shut down the phone to all other calls and texts.  For data, you can go online and change their plan to "No Data" but again, they will still be able to go online with WiFi.

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          • tmo_mike_c

            You've got some good suggestions here. If there's something more specific you're trying to restrict, please let us know so we can offer other suggestions.