iPhone in a Blackhole after online purchase / What will T-Mobile Do?


    What is going on with T-Mobile customer service and UPS shipping? Purchased new iPhone on T-mobile website on the 10th, paid for expedited/next day/UPS Next Day Air Saver. Got an e-mail that package was shipped and the tracking number from T-Mobile. Checked bank account and saw the money was taken out for the iPhone and delivery. Watched the iPhone which was marked as "Out for Delivery" on the UPS tracking site all day on the 11th. The UPS truck marked as having my package even made stops to deliver packages to neighbors. Never got the iPhone, started calls/chat with T-Mobile and UPS that night (both companies take the "it will be there, just wait until <insert random time> and if you don't have it, reach back out to us" stance). On the 12th UPS had it marked as "In Transit", T-Mobile called me that morning to say they spoke with UPS and it was being loaded on the truck for delivery as we spoke. Rep stated I would have it by 3PM according to what UPS told them. 3PM came and went, didn't get my package. Contacted T-Mobile and UPS (both companies take the "it will be there, just wait until <insert random time> and if you don't have it, reach back out to us" stance) again. I was given 7PM as the time I would have it by this time. Reach out to both companies for support again between 3PM and 7PM on the 12th. Figure it's time for a 3 way call if I can't get a resolution. Start with UPS, who states they are unable to locate the package and that it is considered lost (looks like I won't have it by 7PM on the 12th). UPS states they need the shipping party (T-Mobile) to to start the claim. I go through the initial rep to and a supervisor from UPS to get them to do a 3 way call with T-Mobile. UPS starts the call and cold transfers me to T-Mobile without saying they were dropping off the call. The guy I talk to from T-Mobile says I need to report it to UPS and start the claim/investigation process, I tell him UPS says T-Mobile needs to report it to them (Which he says he has never heard of and continues to try to get me to call UPS). I spend 30 minutes explaining to the T-Mobile rep that UPS wants them to initiate the process to investigate. He eventually speaks with a supervisor and states he will contact UPS and update me by the 15th. I hang up and the supervisor of the T-Mobile rep I just spoke with calls me. He calls UPS with me on the phone and cold transfers me to the UPS investigate department and drops off the call without informing anyone. UPS again states they need T-Mobile to initiate the process, but not until 7PM as the UPS website shows it as "In Transit" and I should have it by 7PM. I am extremely upset at this point and give up for the day. 7PM passes and I don't have any package. On the 13th, I contact T-Mobile support via chat. I type everything out before hand including the above timeline/story, the order number, the tracking number and anything else I can think to include. The T-Mobile chat rep files a handset research case and provides me the number for it. He is helpful, and finally gets the ball rolling on a resolution for the issues I've been dealing with. I ask that I be refunded for the expedited shipping and for the ability to go to a local T-Mobile store to pick up a matching iPhone for the one I ordered and has gone into a blackhole during shipping. I ask that T-Mobile deal with UPS separately from my request for the sake of customer service/satisfaction as I have already spent far too much time and money on the issue. He is unable to do this because of T-Mobile policy. He can't move my payment from the online order to an in store pickup. I will either have to:


    1. Go in store, pay for another device to get the iPhone in a reasonable amount of time and wait for the case to finish to get a refund for the lost phone and shipping fees.


    2. Wait for the research case to be completed for a full refund and order another iPhone online or in store after that.


    3. Wait for UPS and T-Mobile to possibly find the iPhone in a UPS facility or Truck (and trust that UPS will at this point get it delivered to me).


    None of these options seem to be in the interest of the customer getting what they paid for as soon as possible. T-Mobile really needs to evaluate the policy that is in place for issues like this. These policies are not in line with customer retention and need to be altered. If anything further can be done to expedite this and get the new iPhone in my hands faster, please let me know. My current phone has battery issues and is the primary reason I ordered a new one. This isn't even for the newest iPhones, the phone I bought is an iPhone 8 Plus.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hey, magenta3613821!


        Thanks for providing an in-depth explanation of what exactly is going on with your order. I'm sorry it has been such a hassle to make progress in getting your new iPhone especially since your current phone is acting up. While I see a few areas for improvement based upon what you shared, we have policies in place to protect the customer and our business. A handset research form couldn't have been filed any sooner because on our end the UPS tracking cannot state that it's "In Transit". Once UPS updates the status, a handset research form can be filed. From there, we require at least 5 business days from the expected delivery date to complete the investigation on your missing phone and when the investigation is complete the refund request will be processed (pending the outcome of the investigation).


        I don't have any additional recommendations or workarounds to share with you other than the three options you already listed. If there were a way to speed this up and get you a new phone sooner without having to pay again before getting your refund, I would definitely share that information. Again, I'm so sorry this happened to you and you were cold transferred multiple times -- this isn't an optimal upgrade experience by any means.