awful insurance service-fraud


    me and my wife signed on the same contract with a family plan on the same day in one paper.

    the devices are exactly the same (galaxy note 8)with four lines.

    just in case, i applied for an insurance too.

    i signed for that with the same plan, the same insurance coverage.

    i don't have any reason to sign for the different condition when I join the family plan

    when my wife's phone got a damaged phone, i paid $175 to get a replacement.

    other people around me paid the same price.

    when my phone got broken, i called and i was told to pay $249.

    i thought that was strange and went to the local store when I got a contract at first.

    they didn't understand why we had different prices.

    so they called and the headquarter people didn't understand why either.

    so the customer service person told the local agent to ask us to call back.

    and that was what I did right away.

    when I called, they said the different thing. they said the price was already set up and no one can change.

    so they put me a line with a supervisor named Austin.

    He was more ridiculous. instead of solving problem, he got mad at me.

    his answer was "maybe" we signed on a different condition.

    am I an idiot? why did I sign on a different condition under the same devices, the same plan, the same condition.

    but the supervisor blamed on us that this is our fault.

    it is not a money issue, but I wanted to make it clear. i wanted to know why we have a different deductible.

    but their answer was "maybe"

    and it was our fault according to them.

    maybe it was my fault that I transferred from sprint to  T mobile.

    If someone reads this message, please think from the point of view of customers not the company.

    i even recorded the voice of the supervisor to discuss further with the attorney.

    he said it is only a 70 dollar issue so he cannot do it any more but he thinks Austin is disrespectful with racism too.

    i want to know if it is my fault, or agent's fault, or the fault of the person who put the price of 249 in the system.

    and i will use this broken phone until i got a thanksgiving day deal, and please refund all the insurance fee.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: awful insurance service-fraud

        Being disrespectful is unacceptable and I'm sorry you were treated that way. I think it's a little strange that the replacement fee is so different. The only thing I can think of is the feature being different, but we're unable to see you account here. I know you've had a rough call when you chatted with us before, but have you reached out again to have our Team of Experts take another look? It's not normal to have to do that, but I figured it's worth the shot to take another look.

        • tmo_amanda

          Re: awful insurance service-fraud

          Hey, magenta6473657!


          That a decent price difference for what's supposed to be the same insurance feature. As MC asked above, have you had a chance to reach out to your Team of Experts again over the phone? I know you didn't have the best experience when working with us over the phone before but you also have the option of working with T-Force over Facebook or Twitter to get this handled.