Autopay failure, account manually paid, but still no service


    This morning my Autopay failed and as a result, my service was temporarily suspended. If I tried to make a call, I received an automated message saying that I don't have enough balance in my prepaid account and it must be refilled. So I refilled the account. Multiple hours later and my service is still suspended. Any idea why this is happening? I can't call 611 to speak with anyone because I get the same automated message.

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      • jboots21

        I should also note that my phone's data works fine - it's just calling and texting that does not work. If I send a text, I get a reply saying that "Message Blocking" is active.

        • jboots21

          Ended up going to a T-Mobile store. The problem was that the customer service agent who processed my payment over the phone did not process the full payment - he processed an amount that was 70 cents short. For some reason, that was not visible on the account - the agents at the store only figured it out by going back through the payment system and my credit card account. As for why the agent processed the wrong amount, I have no idea.

          • magenta5160662

            Similar thing here;  I was able to go online and make a one time payment and restore the account,  however,  it was not possible to re-setup the autopay ;  got a message that the credit card number I provided was invalid (the very same credit card number I had used two minutes earlier to make - successfully - the one time payment)

            • dstephe9

              This happened to me this month, while on vacation.  T-Mobile CS is who setup my auto pay and it failed.  I logged in on my laptop and paid a one time payment.  I then setup auto pay again myself so hopefully it wont fail this month.  Something as simple as auto pay shouldn't fail

              • tmo_amanda

                Hey, Everyone!


                Let me start out by apologizing -- each of you did your best to prevent this from happening by setting up AutoPay, and due to a system issue your account was suspended. It's rare that something like this happens and I can confirm it was a very small amount of users this happened to. From looking at the issue report, all is good to go now. Again, I'm so sorry that you had to take extra time out of your day to fix something that shouldn't have happened to begin with. If for some reason something like this happens and you can't get through to Customer Care, you always have the option of working with T-Force via Facebook or Twitter. Please let me know if you have any other questions I can answer.

                • magenta7746972


                  I'm getting the same issue. For some reason my auto pay failed this morning.

                  Tried to make a one-time payment, but the system tells me my card is invalid. I then tried to cancel autopay and make a payment, the cancelation happened but the system still tells me that my card is invalid. Since my phone line is suspended, I can't call customer care.


                  Any surefire way of making this work online, or is my only hope to go to a store and hope someone can fix it?