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    You've waited for almost two months to get your hands on the all-new Apple iPhone XR and the wait is almost over!


    Starting Friday, October 19 at 12:01 am PDT, you can pre-order your iPhone XR. The hardest part about placing your order is deciding which color to order. I mean, did you see all of your options? You've got white, black, blue, coral, yellow, and red to choose from! I have my eyes set on the coral.


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      • onimashou

        So I wanted to cancel my preorder of my iPhone XR and was met with this shocking response.

        "Awesome, sauce! I just checked, and confirmed that this order is complete, and ready to go. It is not eligible to be cancelled at this time within our system as everything has been completed and the option is not available. What we can do is set up a buyer's remorse return, once the device ships which is set to be on the 26th. Simply reach out to us once you receive the device, so we can walk you through the return process. Sound good?"

        Today, I asked if I could change the color and ship it to my sisters house, again I received the same response.

        As much as your boss trolls Verizon on Twitter about their lackluster customer service. This takes the cake, it's a preorder, that I didn't pay a dime for. And I cannot fathom why it cannot be augmented, nor canceled a week before the device becomes available.


           You guys did it to yourselves, I am going to write a nastygram to the higher-ups about this botched pre-order process. It would behoove of your company to hopefully address this problem so that it may be rectified by the time T-MOBILE plans to take pre-orders for another device launch in 2019.

          • tmo_amanda

            We really appreciate your feedback, onimashou! I can understand how that doesn't make a lot of sense when your device is pre-ordered. Once the order status changes to pending shipment or shipped, the order cannot be modified (device type/model/color, shipping address, card used to make the payment - if applicable, etc). It's not that we don't want to make the change for you, it's systematically not possible.  Again, I totally get how having the ability to change an already packaged order would've made things a million times easier, and I'm sorry that wasn't something we were able to offer.

          • turbo63

            I ordered 3 XR's on the 19th and I was told I would get them at my house on the 26th or worst case the 29th of October. When I log in it says my estimated ship dates are 11/16/2018 - 12/31/2018. Yet I can order these anywhere today and get one Friday.


            I just called CS and they said I can't do anything and that I can't even cancel my order now, and have to wait until Nov 16th (or when it ships) to cancel. I'd prefer not to do that but also don't want to wait what could be up to 2.5 months to get the device. Especially if T-Mobile who normally has great customer service is holding my money hostage. 

              • tmo_amanda

                That's a long time to wait! Let's see if we can figure out what's going on, turbo63! Can you share with me what memory variants and colors of iPhone XRs you ordered? Generally speaking, we don't recommend placing an order with more than one device during a pre-order because one backordered phone could hold up the rest of the shipment. Lastly, is the status of your order still "backordered" or has your card been charged at all?

                • heidif

                  I had this same problem.  When I placed my order on 10/23/18, I was told that the phones should be ready to go by 11/1/18 and I would have overnight shipping.  once I placed my order and signed all the paperwork about 15 mins later, the date changed to 11/16/18 - 12/31/18.  I called back immediately and was told that at the time of my order I was given the most updated information on shipping.  Which means within 15 mins, the shipping dates changed by a month and half!?  I was then told that it would be no problem to call back after the release date and change the order to separate out any back ordered phones.  When I called today, I was told in order to do that I would have to go through a whole new credit check and another payment process and that they would never separate out the orders because that would create 2 separate accounts.  The rep told me she would send an email to the warehouse and see if they would be kind enough to send us the phones that are ready.  So,  basically I have had 3 different representatives help me on this order and 2 of them have apparently given me incorrect information.  Kind of disappointed in my first experiences with Tmobile.

                    • tmo_amanda

                      Good morning, heidif!


                      You're right -- we aren't leaving a good first impression and I'm truly sorry you've been told the wrong info multiple times. Once orders are submitted, we cannot separate them. Even sending an email to the warehouse won't work nor has that ever been an option so I'm truly sorry you've been told multiple things. With new accounts, separate orders would most definitely create multiple accounts so they must all be bundled together. Which specific models/colors/memory sizes of phones did you order?

                        • heidif

                          Hi Amanda,


                          So, 3 reps, 3 incorrect pieces of information!!??  Yikes.


                          Our order includes LGK30, LG Stylo4, XR yellow 64GB, XR Blue 64 GB, and gold 8+ 64 GB.  I am guessing it is the yellow iphone that is holding up our order.  If I had known this when I placed the order, I would have had my daughter choose a different color.



                            • tmo_amanda

                              Thanks so much for getting back to me, Heidi! Yes, you're exactly right -- the yellow device is what is likely holding up your order. I'm truly sorry you weren't given this info ahead of time. At the time of pre-order, we don't know exactly how many devices we'll receive from the manufacturer and do our best to accurately estimate the dates but I personally didn't initially see the yellow option as being the most popular. It's odd the shipping times changed so fast and I'm not sure what happened in that case.


                              forgetful.bunny, I'm in the same exact boat as you. I ordered the Coral 128 GB, was given the same estimated shipping dates, and was charged the same day. I'm anxiously updating my email to get a shipping notification but it'll likely be this evening if it hasn't come yet. If we get notified of a delay, I'll be sure to pass the info along.

                                • heidif

                                  So, I guess that means I am stuck waiting 2-8 weeks for my phones?  Do you know if I am able to cancel the whole order and get my money back?  Thanks, Heidi

                                    • tmo_amanda

                                      Yes, unfortunately . However, you do have the option to cancel the order since not all devices are ready to ship. I recommend contacting 1-877-746-0909 to get your order canceled. I'm so so sorry you weren't given enough information to make a different decision on the iPhone XR color which could've prevented all of this.

                                        • heidif

                                          Yeah, me too.  Thanks for listening to my belly aching!


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                                          Yes, unfortunately . However, you do have the option to cancel the order since not all devices are ready to ship. I recommend contacting 1-877-746-0909 to get your order canceled. I'm so so sorry you weren't given enough information to make a different decision on the iPhone XR color which could've prevented all of this.


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                            • mentaldental13

                              I preordered the white 128GB iPhone XR yesterday Oct 23rd and was told that my card would not be charged until the device ships, but my card was charged today Oct 24th... should I be worried? Or does this mean my device is being delivered close to release day?

                                • kimmel

                                  I don't understand why we are being charged before anything ships.  In no way should I have to pay for a device that I have not received yet.  I ordered 2 devices myself.  Credit card was charged for full price of device on a pre-order.  I have 1 that says expected ship date Oct 26th, the other Oct 30th.  They don't seem to be lumped together.

                                • forgetful.bunny

                                  Didn’t pre-order because I was told there would be plenty in stores. Went into 4 stores day of launch, and only colors I could find were black or white. I ordered the Coral 64gb on Friday. It had and estimated ship date of 10/26-10/29. My order was charged on to my card on Saturday 10/27, but myborder doesn’t even say shipment pending. It’s the 29th today, and I’m still stuck in processing.