Still haven't received my reimbursement after 3 months of delays and issues.. help please!


    We transitioned to T-mobile with the #getoutofthered campaign which seemed like an excellent way to get away from Verizon. We were also stoked about the promise to pay off the remainder of our phone payments. However, the excitement ended quickly. The problem started in the T-mobile store when the employee took a poor photo of our reimbursement information to provide to the T-mobile support to verify our reimbursement amount. It took SO LONG to go through and the status changed to "pending" I think. Then we were told it was accepted and would take ~8 weeks to come through. I regularly checked the status (which never changed). I then checked one day and it said denied which obviously pissed me off because I could tell there would be issues... I then went through several phone calls and hoops to get to someone who could finally help. Turns out they couldn't help and gave me an email to send my last two bills to for verification. I sent those bills on the 1st of October and big surprise... no response. So I figured I would give them 7 business days and then sent a follow up email on the 11th. Still no response. I don't want to call customer support again because it will just waste 30mins to an hour of my life for them to tell me that this can only be dealt with by a manager.


    Long story short, I'm here asking if anyone else has tips or tricks on how to get this resolved... I have already had to pay off our old phones out of pocket and am my wits end with T-mobile.

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