iPhone XS Cellular issue - resolved yet?


    I don't want to waste my time buying and setting up that new XS if Apple hasn't fixed the Cellular problem so many people have reported with the XS phones.


    Can anyone here tell me some valuable feedback on their XS Cellular performance?  Have the updates helped at all?


    Thank you!

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: iPhone XS Cellular issue - resolved yet?

        Is this an issue with just getting signal or some kind of network/cellular error message when using a certain service? We have ways to fix this if it happens but I don't see we've gotten any known issue with general connection problems.

        • magenta6526171

          Unfortunately not, I did a JOD upgrade from a Note 9 to XS MAX and immediately noticed a dramatic difference in LTE signal strength. I am hoping they iron this out soon but I am starting to believe this is an issue with the Intel Modem in the devices with the issue being so widespread. I would hold off for now, unfortunately for me I am past my return period =(