LG V20 Video Quality Intentionally reduced after Oreo Update


    When the phone was on android 7 I would go into the built-in camera app and go to the manual video mode.  There I would select in the settings Video Resolution UHD 3840x2160 and I would select High for the bitrate.  The bitrate was 64mbps.  After the update to Oreo with the same settings the bitrate is now 52mbps.  The old app had 23% more data per file which meant a lot better quality video.  Contacting LG they said I agreed to the conditions by getting the update yet I never agreed to my video being crippled intentionally.  This should have been told to me so I could make an informed decision.  I bough this phone because of the great UHD (4K) videos and now I am with a lesser product than I paid for.

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