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    If I bring my own phone and purchase a pay as you go plan for unlimited data from a T-Mobile storefront, but I need to refill my airtime after it expires, can I go to a convenient store, buy a T-Mobile card for the same monthly dollar amount, apply it to my phone and maintain the original plan, SIM and phone number?  The store help looked at me like I was asking the impossible.  Why don't T-Mobile stores sell airtime cards?

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      • tmo_chris

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        Hey there! We do sell physical refill card that you can apply to your account but there are some more convenient ways to refill so you don't always have to visit a physical retailer.



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          • scottyup

            Re: Buying airtime cards

            If you have the ability to push this up the corporate ladder then there has to be a companywide coordination of information because the last three days have been so stupid as to make me almost quit T-Mobile.  If you can't get this to corporate then get it to someone who can.  The store told me I could NOT buy an airtime card to apply to my Unlimited prepaid plan and that I MUST come to the store (45 minutes away - you've got to be kidding me!) to refill my phone EVERY MONTH with no ability to buy more than a month of service at a time.  So I bought one month of service at the store.  THE AIRTIME DID NOT GET APPLIED.  I called into customer service and the tech applied the PIN that I had purchased because it was unapplied.  It never took.  I called back that day and was on hold for 1.5 hours and gave up.  My account expired and was labeled canceled by one customer service tech when I called the next day.  They could not apply the PIN that had still not taken even though it was still valid.  I was passed to Tech Services.  They said that my account was suspended.  They tried to apply the PIN.  It did not take.  I was sent BACK to customer service and it took TWO more people to apply the time to my phone so I asked if I could avoid this NONSENSE by going to a convenient store and buy an T-MOBILE brand airtime card and just put it on myself.  Customer Service rep #4 said that the card program was cancelled in January 2018 and the existing cards at retailers are backstock and would not work for my purpose.  Somebody needs to coordinate this narrative because someone doesn't know what they are talking about.  With the useless quality of service I want to be able to put the airtime on my own phone myself with no intermediary like the system Trac  Fone has.   I left to them to come to T-mobile.  The Trac Fone system is 100% idiot proof.  So with the threat that if I bought ANY kind of card and tried to put it on myself (which customer service rep #3 said I could do) I would be out the non-refundable money for the card if T-mobile employees don't even know their company policies and procedures.  I was told at a convenient store that they have master cards for T-mobile where they can apply the money directly to my phone with no physical card.  I don't know if I can believe the convenient store clerk.  So I asked customer service rep #4 if I could just buy FOUR MONTHS of time ahead at the store.  They said I could but it would only be credited one month at a time as each 30 day period was used up.  This sounds like a reasonable course but given the track record of T-mobile not even being able to activate a valid PIN I fear the loss of hundreds of dollars for trying to avoid losing an entire day of service as I did where customer service apologized for the 'inconvenience' but didn't offer to make up the lost day.  With that as a background I want an answer at a supervisory level that if I went into a T-mobile store and PREPAID for 4 months of service that it would be applied and available without any hassle.  Be very clear: I do NOT want to interface with any person or pay by credit card.  I want to pay cash, put in airtime and walk away.  It should be that simple because it can be that simple.