Unable to unlock the eligible device


    I had purchased Samsung S8 from T-Mobile. After paying off the amount device was unlocked and have been using with other carrier from last few months. I had to send the device back to Samsung to get it repaired. It came back with T-Mobile lock. I tried unlocking it using 'Device Unlock' app installed on the mobile but getting error message that 'Couldn't recognize the device, please contact customer care.'


    Its been 5 days of multiple calling, talking to multiple associates, performing different steps suggested by all their associates/tech experts. However, no luck yet. I also tried with T-mobile as well as other carrier's SIM card to perform these steps. With other T-Mobile active SIM device works.


    Samsung has confirmed that device has not been rooted and only T-Mobile can unlock it. Every time I speak to customer care and technical expert they request me to hang up to perform something and/or check something and they assure a call back. Till date, not a single executive has called back as promised.


    I'm really frustrated and fed up and I think Legal Battle is the only option to get the issue resolved.

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      • magentatechie

        Re: Unable to unlock the eligible device

        Hey there! I'm sorry to hear you're having so many issues getting the phone unlocked!  Have you verified that the IMEI is the same as the device you sent off? As in, is it possible Samsung replaced the phone instead of repairing it?

          • mm_clt

            Re: Unable to unlock the eligible device

            Device is same, IMEI is same. T-mobile customer care also confirmed device is same. Was able to pull Samsung and T-mobile guys on the phone together and T-mobile confirmed ONLY they can unlock the phone. They submitted lot of escalation tickets, expedited tickets and assured that they will bypass regular process of unlocking my device using DEVICE UNLOCK app and will get me an unlock code, They also assured call back to check if device unlock worked, no one has called back. Customer care also assured everytime that I'll not get email saying there is NO UNLOCK CODE and it has to be unlocked using DEVICE UNLOCK APP. However, everytime they submit the request I get same email that there is no unlock code and it can be unlocked using DEVICE UNLOCK app only.


            I'm planning to share my experience on social media and take legal action against them if T-mobile doesnt solve the issue very soon.